Why I Enjoy Being Catholic

Not too long ago, someone asked me why I enjoy being a Catholic Christian. This was my response.

I love being part of a Church that was founded by Jesus Christ Himself. You just can’t beat apostolic succession! And I love that the Catholic Church is an unwavering force for Truth, justice, and the dignity of human life in the world.

I love having so many saints in heaven to pray for me. I love our Blessed Mother. I love all the devotions. I love the ancient prayers.

I love the Sacrifice of the Mass. I love the Holy Eucharist. I love adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. I love Confession. I love the Liturgy of the Hours. I love priests and monks and nuns.

I love holy Catholic couples and their huge families. I love chastity and modesty and keeping my body and mind pure. I love explaining to curious people some of the weird things I do. I love seeing someone walking around campus with a rosary in her hand. I love that I look just like everyone else, but I’m not. There has to be something different about the way I live my life. I love figuring out what that means day by day.

I love that everything in this world makes sense with God. And I love that all of the answers I seek can be found on the Cross.

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