Where Is Your Heart?

Don’t you want your heart to be on fire? Don’t you want your heart to be so consumed with Christ that it burns with love and a passionate desire to be with Him?

This past weekend I had the privilege of attending a Hearts on Fire retreat put on by a group of Jesuits at Ave Maria University. The retreat was designed to teach young adults how to use Ignatian spirituality in daily life.

The retreat was filled with insight and prayer but what stuck out most was the introduction talk by Fr. Phil Hurley. He spoke about the desires of a heart and asked everyone to think about where their heart was.

Let me to ask you the same thing: where is your heart? To what are you giving your heart away to? What do you love? (Keep in mind not all things that you love are bad or taking God’s place).

Is beauty your weakness? Or maybe approval? Friendship? What in your life do you put first?

Right now God is asking you to take your heart from wherever you have it and bring it to Him. Bringing your heart to Jesus does not mean you won’t be hurt. After all, even Jesus’ heart was pierced with wounds, wounds of love. Don’t ignore the invitation. Take Jesus up on His offer and give your heart away so Jesus can transform it into something beautiful.

If you don’t know how to give your heart to Jesus, tell Him exactly that. He’ll give you the grace to do so.


*Credit for this post goes to Fr. Phil and the Apostleship of Prayer. Visit their website at : http://www.apostleshipofprayer.org/index.html

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