What the Heaven is Marian Consecration?

So a few months back, I had a re-introduction to Mama Mary, just as things were taking a turn for the desperate. Since then, God has not-so-subtly brought me closer to his first disciple.

Given to us through our Catholic student center a year before, Michael E. Gaitley’s “33 Days to Morning Glory,” a booklet-led retreat to Marian Consecration, had been sitting, neglected, on my desk since I’d gotten it. I happened to notice it again around the beginning of October. I let it slip my mind again.

“Oh, no you don’t, my daughter,” God chuckled, surely.

I sat in Mass on October 19th, my birthday, as my dear friend from our Newman Club stood at the front of the tiny chapel and talked about the Marian Consecration booklet again, out of the blue. What a coincidence, I thought. And on my birthday, too. Hmm.

“If y’all wanted to start today, you should!” Annie chirped. “Today is actually one of the suggested starting days if you want to be consecrated on a Marian feast day.”

Really, He’s the Almighty Show-off. “Alright, already!” I laughed in my head, and started the 33-day-long prayer retreat as soon as I got home. At the end, it’s not uncommon to choose some physical symbol of your deeper connection to Mary, since I’ll take any excuse to buy jewelry, I started to browse. Even though my Consecration Day was the feast of the Presentation of Mary, I felt compelled to choose a necklace bearing Our Lady of Sorrows, eventually realizing why.

What a gift it has been, and not just for my birthday.  Consecrating myself to Jesus through Mary – letting my Mother take me by the hand to lead her to her King and her Son – has been truly a new morning in my faith life. At 20 years old, I feel like I’m in mom-training; patience with people, tact in stressful situations, a newfound gentleness, and a better grip on what battles to pick are just some of the fruits that I have seen in my own life since my consecration on November 21st. I do not feel prideful saying any of this, because it’s not my glory, it’s hers; even more so, it’s His. He gave me these gifts through her immaculate hands. Praise be to Him! I’m just a daughter hugging her Mother’s legs.

If you’re interested in a fresh start, a morning glory in your faith life, give the booklet a try. It is 33 days of half-page prayers and meditations, through the eyes of people like Mother Teresa and Pope Saint John Paul II!  They’re short, quick, easy, and effective as Heaven. Heck, if you comment below, I’ll send you one from the box still left in the Catholic student center for free. Pray about it. Think about it. Your mother wants to see you.

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