What if There is No God?

Occasionally I’ll wake up in the morning thinking, “I’m not sure if I believe any of this! What if Christianity has it wrong?  What if Jesus was just a regular man?  What if the Bible is just a book of stories?  What if my prayers are nothing more than me talking to myself?”  Everyone has doubts about their faith at one time or another, so now I ask in a very practical way: “If there were no God, would it change the way I live my life?”

I would still stand for the morals of the Church:

If there were no God, I would still stand strong for the morality taught by the Church.  Why?  Because morality is not just some set of rules we get from reading the Bible, but a set of truths written into the heart of man.  Even if there is not a God, I know that contraception is horrible for the environment, that it increases the risk of HIV, breast cancer, and cervical cancer, and that it is harmful to marriages.  I know that abortion kills millions of innocent babies each year and causes great risk to women.  I know that masturbation and pornography objectify and enslave women.  I also know that virtues such as chastity, honesty and charity will make me live a happier and more fulfilling life.  Both scientific evidence and personal experience tell me that this morality is best for individuals and for society. So even if there were no God, I would still stand for the morals of the Church.

I would still want to give my life in service for others:

If there were no God, I would still want to devote my life to serving others.  As a seminarian studying for the priesthood, I feel a deep calling to give myself to the people of the world.  Priests sacrifice all that they have—time, family, relationships, money—to give themselves completely to the people they serve.  They are there for people through the hardest times of their lives (illness, death, depression) and the happiest times of their lives (baptisms, graduations, weddings).  Even if there were no God, I would still want to be radically available to love and serve the people of the world.

There you have it.  Even in my doubt I can rest assured that I am striving to live the best life I can.  God is not a dictator forcing me to follow harsh rules and to make unfair sacrifices.  He has written truth into the world and into my heart that compels me to seek what is good and avoid what is evil.  Look deep within yourself and I know you will find both a great desire to do what is good and a desire to serve others.  Now here’s a challenge for you: listen to these desires and let them define the way you live your life.  In doing so you will not only find peace, joy, and fulfillment in life, but you will come to know God Himself.  Then you can join with me and confidently exclaim, “There is a God!”

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