True Happiness Is Not Found On Earth

Happiness is what life is all about.  Everyone’s supposed to be happy all the time, right? Wrong.  Our society has made happiness paramount in our lives by trying to convince us that being happy is the only thing that makes life worth living; if you have all these things and still aren’t happy, something is wrong with you.  So you keep reaching for the next thing. “Maybe if I go here I’ll be happy.” Or, “Maybe if I buy this I’ll finally be happy.” Contrary to popular belief, life is not all about being happy.

I came to this realization yesterday while talking with a friend.  I was complaining to him about how I feel guilty for not being happy, even though nothing is technically wrong in my life.  I have good friends, I’m doing well in school, I have a job that I love and a loving family.  I’ve always felt that if I’m unhappy or even discontent, I’m being negative.  So I feel guilty for being negative. “I should be happy,” I kept saying. “No you shouldn’t,” he said.  That caught me off guard.  Why shouldn’t I be happy? “As humans, we are fallen creatures.  I think our default mode is to be unhappy or even discontent.” He started me thinking.

When you think about it, we can only be truly happy with God.  Since we are flawed creatures, our life on earth will never be perfect.  Even if we have everything we want, we can’t have what we truly need, to be in full communion with God, until we go to Heaven.  But society tells us that earthly things will make us happy in order to distract us and keep us from truly seeking out God and growing spiritually.  How often do we neglect our spiritual lives because of an earthly distraction? The more distracted from God we get, the more unhappy we become, without even realizing why.

“It’s okay to be unhappy,” my friend told me.  Those words gave me comfort.  Nothing is wrong with you if you’re unhappy, you’re just not where you belong.  If you have a life full of “happy” things but aren’t happy, take a step back and look at your spiritual life.  Do you neglect your prayer life? Have you been putting earthly things before God? Remember, the further we get from God, the further we get from true happiness.  Our hearts are restless until they rest in him.

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