This guy I know

Let me tell you about this guy I know. His name is Joe. Joe is a little older, but is very well known at church. He was married before, had kids even, but his wife passed away. I’m glad to say his faith never faulted. He raised his kids and stayed faithful.

Let me tell you about a girl I know. Her name is Em. Em is a young girl who is very special. Since she was born, her parents knew she was special. They were both faithful people so they wanted little Em to be the same. They started preparing her for a religious life as early as possible. They wanted their pride and joy dedicated to God. Em was always at church and knew everything about God. She was beautiful, faithful, and pure.

Em’s parents wanted someone faithful for her to marry. Someone who would honor her and lead her in the faith. Being very traditional, her parents arranged for her to marry Joe. Joe was stable, respected, and would honor her faith. They were arranged to be married and were basically set except for the public wedding.

To Joe’s disbelief, he discovered that Em was pregnant. This pure and devout girl was now with child and had seemingly been with another guy. Joe did not know what he should do. He could not marry a girl who couldn’t even be faithful during their engagement. Since her parents were so well respected and she was known as a devout girl, he decided to come up with an excuse and send her out of town so she wouldn’t be humiliated in front of everyone. He had every right to call her out and shame her if he wanted, but this showed what kind of man he really was. He wasn’t going to ruin her life.

What’s more to this is that when he pressed her to find out who the father was, she swore she was still a virgin. How could someone be expected to believe this? The proof was right there in front of him. Of course she wasn’t. The more he pressed, the more she stood firm. She never cheated on him. That night, he had a dream that made him question all this. What if she was telling the truth? What would that mean? What would that mean for him and how others would view him? He decided to stake his claim with Em. He would stand by her no matter what.

Despite the looks, despite the talk, Joe would stay strong. He took Em as his wife and would raise the child as his own. Joe was a simple man. He did manual labor for a living and knew what honesty and hard work was all about. But more, he knew what living for God was about and how to apply that in his daily life. Joe trusted God and trusted Em. They would raise this child in a loving family.

This is a modern take on a classic tale. St. Joseph does not always get the credit he deserves. Sure, he’s always there in the nativity scene, heck, it’d be pretty lopsided without him. But we rarely talk about his faith or sing his affirmations. Joseph was the type of devout man every young guy should look up to. He lived his life for God and trusted Him when all seemed impossible. This is why St. Joseph is the patron saint for the universal Church. His strong faith is a lesson to us all. This Christmas, sing the glory of Christ born in Bethlehem, sing of Mary’s simple “yes” that opened salvation to the world, but remember to sing praise for the protector of the Holy Family whose faith was the example for belief in things unseen. St. Joseph, pray for us.

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