The Case of the Human Mystery

I cringe at the question, “So, what do you like to do in your spare time?” I immediately rack my brain for the coolest response. Will my honest answer of “Well, I like to drink coffee, and read, and talk to my friends” make the cut? Perhaps it’s the advertising major in me, but I’m always looking for the best way to portray myself. I am not enough is the lie stuck in my head.

Within my circle of friends, I’ve been known to occasionally sport a fake accent, wear non-prescription hipster glasses, and give a name other than my own at a restaurant. I just love playing characters, not being me, and leaving people with a lasting thought of who-is-that-girl? I should add that to my list of favorite pastimes.

I often aspire to be “that mysterious girl” who leaves people confused, yet intrigued.

Just yesterday, that word – mystery – jumped out at me, as I read a recent homily from Pope Francis. Our Holy Father spoke on the importance of silence, and how it played a large role in Mary understanding and guarding her mystery.

Pope Francis continued. Just as Mary lived in the power of silence, every Christian “knows the mysterious work of the Lord in our hearts, in our souls.” He also said that silence “helps us to discover our mystery: our mystery of encountering the Lord, our mystery of walking through life with the Lord.”


I re-read the quotes over again. I am included in this? I am a mystery?

How easy it is to forget that each one of us reflects a part of God’s image. I am a sinner, and yet Christ dwells within me. This is a beautiful mystery. And I can delve deeper into this mystery in silence, by contemplating on the Lord’s will for me. What is my “Yes” to the Lord? What is God calling me to do?

I’m often tempted to depict myself as someone I am not, in an attempt to be more interesting. However, there is nothing as interesting or unique as being the person we are called to be. Mary is the best example of this. I have prayed the Rosary many times, meditating on the Mysteries of the Rosary. I do not have to repeat the decades because Mary is hiding herself from me, and I need to pray more to try and figure her out. On the contrary, she is constantly presenting herself, fully clothed in Truth. That Truth has depth and beauty that is wondrous because it reflects Christ. That is why I am drawn to her.

In the Christian meaning of things, a mystery isn’t something derived by smoke and mirrors. Rather, a mystery is something embedded with God’s Truth. I am, in fact, a “mysterious girl.” But my mystery lies in my identity in Christ.

I am now encouraged to discover the mystery in each person. How exciting to seek Christ in others, to search for how each person reflects a piece of Our Lord. I can’t promise I will give up on fake accents altogether; there’s just something so blinding fun about having a British voice sometimes. But Pope Francis’ recent homily served as a necessary reminder that I am enough. I must not deceive others as to whom I am, for God has a beautiful, interesting, mysterious plan ahead for all of us, and we must turn to Him to reveal it.

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