The Call

The Bishop for our diocese will be retiring soon, having submitted his resignation to the Holy Father. Recently, many of the local churches I attend have been offering a “spiritual bouquet” for him. Having sufficiently procrastinated on saying the rosary I’d promised, I decided to do it yesterday in between taking a test and class actually starting. I settled on the luminous mysteries. Not being too bright, by the time I finished my initial three Hail Mary’s, I had completely forgotten why it was I was praying the rosary. Looking to pray for someone, I asked a friend of mine if he had anything I could pray for. His answer didn’t sound too important; I don’t really think he believes in God and that’s fine, that’s his prerogative, but I decided I’d pray for him and his kind of silly intention (it was for his gains) regardless.

Around the second mystery I remembered poor Bishop Loverde whom I had forgotten and thought to myself that I should pray for both of them, though deep down I was feeling guilty for having forgotten. However, during the third mystery, the proclamation of the Kingdom of God, a thought occurred to me, no doubt put there by the Holy Spirit: God calls all of us, both Bishop and college student alike. This thought continued as I prayed on into the fourth mystery, the Transfiguration, and it struck me that along with a call to join God we are also called to be transformed by God, both Bishop and college student alike. That’s why we pray for Bishop Loverde, even though he’s undoubtedly holier than I am; even he has some transforming to do.

So how do we do that? How do we answer that call? Well I believe that answer is found in the fifth of those luminous mysteries, the institution of the Eucharist. How better for us to answer God’s call and to come to Him, than to draw near to Jesus in the Eucharist; than to willingly invite His physical presence to enter into our very bodies, and to transform us from within. Our Lord tells us in the gospel of St. John 6:57, “He that eateth my flesh, and drinketh my blood, abideth in me, and I in him.” Guys, that seems pretty clear to me. Jesus is just saying what all of our parents told us: you are what you eat. So maybe try and get out to a daily mass this week. Get yourself a dose of Jesus a little more than once a week, and let Him fill you up and start transforming your day-to-day.

God bless

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