with Chris Green

Finding My Vocation on the March for Life

Photo, above: Outside the Supreme Court building with fellow seminarian Chris Green (right).   WASHINGTON, DC – Just for fun, I am writing an article at the March for Life!  I am currently at Verizon Center, watching the youth rally which precedes the “#Mass4Life” and the March itself.  It’s a great time, as always!  Thousands […]


Can the Church Grow with the Times?

In a fast-moving secular world, many people’s complaint about the Church is that it is old fashioned. While I can understand their point (and perhaps at times this is actually what draws me to the Catholic Church), upon closer inspection, the Church does have innovation and newness to her, you just have to look. Recently, […]

To be a Saint in Our Age: A Discourse

When I was a kid growing up in Catholic schools if you were to ask me to tell you what it takes to be a saint I would’ve probably told you that you must be a priest or a nun who is a really good person, like Mother Teresa. If you ask your average Catholic […]