Before His Eyes

And Jesus, looking upon him, loved him. – Mark 10:21. In my book of virtues, which was my companion during my childhood and is now a counselor for my adulthood, there is a story to which I always go back, as if my fingers remember the texture of the page and flip it open willingly. […]

padre pio

After Seeing This, How Can Anyone Doubt?

As I set out to write my newest article, I wanted to write about a saint. Among these inspiring people, how does one choose?  Well, I decided not to talk about one saint, but a bunch of saints.  There are a good number of saint who can belong to the group who would be called, […]


Lean on Me

Recently God has shown me that in His eyes I will always be His child. He has shown me this through many instances over my break from school. During break I got to spend some time with my family. Unfortunately, most of my time was spent in the hospital with my grandmother. She suffered a […]

NASA satellite image of Hurricane Isaac in the Gulf of Mexico

Reflections during Hurricane Isaac

My seminary is directly North of New Orleans, just across Lake Pontchartrain. Hurricane Isaac traveled directly over us, and being from North Alabama, I had never experienced a hurricane before. Needless to say, I was extremely excited! Classes were cancelled and we bunkered down to wait out the storm. During my prayer throughout the storm, […]


The Problem of Evil

“The Problem of Evil” refers to the following: Why would an all-knowing, all-powerful, and all-good God permit evil to exist? Why does He allow us to suffer? Mankind has asked this question for thousands of years, seemingly unsatisfied with any possible answer. Fortunately for us, the Church provides some insight into the problem of evil. […]

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