the New Evangelization


Me, evangelize!? No way!

  Upon hearing the truth that all baptized Christians are called to be missionary disciples and to actively evangelize, many people quake in fear.  Objections abound: “But I am not an extrovert.”  “I am not called to be a priest or religious.” “I am not a gifted apologist.” “I cannot speak clearly.” “I am too […]

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A Patron Saint for the New Evangelization: St. Philip Neri

On May 26 the Church celebrates the feast day of a saint whose relative obscurity (in America, at least) is ridiculously out of proportion with his attractiveness and relevance.  It is high time that more people knew St. Philip Neri (1515-1595), the “Apostle of Rome.” The moniker seems paradoxical; why would Rome, the headquarters of the Catholic Church, need […]


Totus Tuus: Four Missionaries, 500 Kids, One Great Summer

Author’s note:  This article was originally published on July 19th, in the One Voice (a Catholic newspaper published by the Diocese of Birmingham in Alabama). Leaning forward, I address the attentive crowd of grade-school children seated on the floor around me.  I ask them, “Who are we going to see at Mass today?”  A second-grader […]

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