Let God Be The Judge

One of the greatest moments of clarity I ever experienced while investigating the Catholic Church was when I came to understand a simple truth: Life is sacred; plain and simple. While I know it may be elementary to many,  this simple truth helped me unlock the answers to all my confusion on the Church’s teachings. […]

Heartbeat Pic

The Healing of A Mended Heart

Just over a month ago I underwent open heart surgery; it was the third heart surgery I’ve had and hopefully the last one I’ll need. My previous surgeries happened before I turned two years old, so needless to say I don’t remember them. The scars left by the operations I had as an infant represented […]

Shroud of Turin

The Shroud of Turin: A Study of the Passion

Whenever I think about the Passion of our Lord, I think back to a paper I did for my undergraduate thesis. I was told I could write about any subject I liked, and just prior to that I had heard about the Shroud of Turin. The Shroud is believed to be the actual burial cloth […]

Jesus on cross

Suffer It Up: The “Little Things” and Redemptive Suffering

One summer when we were kids riding in the van with Mom, I started to complain about having the hick-ups.  “Suffer it up,” was the immediate gusto reply of my five year old sister.  “Offer it up,” is what she was trying to say. “Offer it up” is a phrase that Mom often used when […]


The Gospel According to Spider-Man

Okay y’all: Spider-Man is my favorite super hero. He has terrible luck, his powers seem to get him into more trouble than they get him out of, he’s a big nerd, and he rather seldom “gets the girl.” In spite of all this, he chooses to get up every day and try to save the […]

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