Don’t Forget to Share the Joys Too

We are all so quick to ask for prayers when we are in need, but we often forget to share the joys when things turn around. I have noticed that many times when a loved on is ill, there is financial strain, or an accident, we are all quickly inclined to enlist our loved ones, […]

John 8 Jesus eye level with woman holding her hand

Being a Christian in the Public Sphere

What does it take to be a Christian in the public sphere? I ask myself this question all the time. We live in a world where our ideas, beliefs and values are constantly put to the test. As Christians especially, we are always pushed to see if our value of love of neighbor can stand […]


Tapestries and Tears

Suffering is not irrational or ultimately absurd. 
Our perspective is not God’s perspective. We don’t have the sight He has. There are numerous analogies of this. The one I like best, I think, is of the carpet. This one was used by Corrie ten Boom who suffered much during World War II when she was […]


You’ll Never Fail

“Sometimes tears are the glasses we need to see God.” -Pope Francis I’ve been thinking about hope in suffering a lot lately, and I’ve also been listening to a lot of worship songs. As I listened, one theme continually came up – God’s inability to fail. Many of the songs described in profound ways the […]


The Little Flower and the Little Way

This week we celebrate the feast of St. Thérèse of Lisieux, often called the Little Flower.  What could this French Carmelite who died at the tender age of twenty four have to teach us?  Or to share with us about how to love the Lord?  Plenty, in fact. Everything about Thérèse emphasizes her littleness: her […]

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