St. Joseph and the Family

We recently celebrated the Feast of the Holy Family, an ideal time to reflect on some of the issues that the Christian idea of family is facing in our ever more secularized (and, I would add, dying) culture. I am aware that this post is being published well after the feast, but then again, any […]

part three

Humanae Vitae Explained (Part Three)

So far, I have provided what seems like a lengthy discussion on everything under the heavens except contraception. There is a reason why I have done so:  Paul VI does the same thing. However, we need this discussion is needed so that we might learn how we got to where we are and how we can […]


Humanae Vitae Explained (Part Two)

In my previous post, I stated that for Pope Paul VI (and for the entire Catholic tradition), sex must be understood within the wider context of love, and in particular, of marital love. The very essence of marital love is the total gift of self. Because it is meant to be a total gift of […]


Humanae Vitae Explained (Part One)

One of the Catholic Church’s most criticized teachings is the one about artificial birth control. The main reason for this is that many people do not know the Church’s teachings on sexuality; heck, they do not know her teachings on anything. Even many Catholics do not know them, which is a disgrace. I would add […]