The Importance of Theology and Philosophy in the University

The University of Notre Dame is no stranger to controversy, and it is once again making a few headlines due to its decennial core curriculum review process, which began recently. While no concrete recommendations or proposals have yet been made, one change clearly being considered is a reduction of the theology and philosophy requirements in […]


Back to School, Back to Temptation

Starting off a new school year brings excitement and challenges for students. Being back with one’s friends and activities is fun, but the school year also adds temptation and leaves less open time. The list of temptations below consists of the those that I struggle with particularly because of school. I think there is one […]


The Absentminded Saint

**Editor’s note: A special post to honor St. Joseph of Cupterino, whose feast day was last Tuesday!** This is the classic story of a… guy who couldn’t finish sentences because he couldn’t find the right words. His own mother was ashamed of him. Dogs tore his old clothes apart. He was ridiculed, humiliated, and almost died a […]

Vocation: Student

This year I have been struggling with fulfilling my vocation as a student.  The days are long: 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM at school, then the hours of homework after leaving school.  The work is challenging to say the least: Corporate law, what (?)… Sorry, I didn’t study Econ. or Business.  My other responsibilities take […]