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Families Can Be Together Forever

In the light of All Saints Day, I began thinking about families in a different context. While we are familiar with our nuclear family (the expression is too much fun not to say) of our mother, father and siblings, we have come to think of our family in a broader context in today’s world. Today’s […]

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Finding His Eucharistic Love

“I don’t get it. I don’t understand. Why would He do this? Why would He humble Himself like that? What would cause Him to perform such an insane miracle for us? The kind of thing that makes so many of His followers today walk away in disbelief? Why? I’m not good at not understanding. I […]


The Catholic Thomas Aquinas

A brief blog post cannot be long enough to talk about the life of any person. It is certainly not long enough to talk about the life and spirituality of a saint. In the case of St. Thomas Aquinas, the saint I wish to write about, it’s not even enough to list all the books […]


The Stigmata: A Sure Sign of Faith?

The presence of stigmata is a striking phenomenon that has occurred at least 321 times in saints since the Middle Ages. The word stigmata comes from the Greek word στίγμα stigma, meaning a mark or tattoo. St. Paul used this term in his letter to the Galatians, saying, “I bear on my body the marks […]