Choose Love This Lent

I don’t know about you, but I always dread Lent. I know that’s not the proper attitude that a Catholic should have as this season begins but do people actually enjoy not eating meat on Friday? How about fasting? You know the second you decide to give up a bad habit like Facebook that something […]


What Does Your Mother Look Like?

Have you ever noticed that the Virgin Mary always looks like the mother of the people to whom she is appearing? For some reason, I was thinking about this all day on the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe a couple of weeks ago. I have seen her grace radiate from her picture on the […]


Time Is Precious

If the Newtown shooting has taught the world anything, it is that time is precious. You never know when the person you love might not be there. This has taught me numerous things that I hope to live out. I try to tell those I love that I love them more often. I try to […]


Keeping the Small Commitments

I was supposed to be done with this blog post five days ago. I was going to work on my math homework but wasted time on the Internet instead. I wanted to pray the rosary in honor of Our Lady of Guadalupe on December 13th but waited too long and fell asleep. Unlike what I […]

Jesus falls

Passion and Sacrifice

If you ask just about any woman on the face of the planet if she wants passion in her romantic relationships I am willing to bet that nearly all of them would say, “YES!” Who doesn’t want passion in her relationship? A passionless relationship just sounds boring. We all want that fire in a relationship, […]