The one who cares more always loses (and why that’s okay)

A while back I remember reading an article about modern relationships and the author made a bold claim: “The one who cares less in a relationship always wins.” I don’t remember much of the article, but that sentence has haunted me ever since reading it. The article went on to talk about how relationships are often […]


I know you try to hear God, but are you listening?

I have come to a stark realization in my prayer life. I don’t listen enough. I was thinking about how most people will say that you need to talk to God more, and what they mean is prayer. But what is talking? Do they mean to only talk at God, or do they mean you should […]


Taking the Temperature on Japan’s Celibacy Syndrome

Our culture is no longer shocked by pornographic images and even encourages young adults to be wildly promiscuous. So imagine my bewilderment when I read the recent headline,  “Why Have Young People In Japan Stopped Having Sex?” If you’re having trouble imagining, I’ll just tell you- I was thunderstruck. Before reading the article, my brain […]

St. Anne with a young St. Mary

St. Anne, St. Anne, Send Me A Man

The other day on the Metro coming back from work, I couldn’t help but people watch. I observed a couple and their son- he had to be about 6 years old. I watched the sweet family interact and I caught myself thinking I wonder how old this couple is. I wonder how old they were […]

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