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Defend Your Boundaries

Out Of Bounds: Healthy Biblical Boundaries, Part 1

Today I’d like to go into a bit of depth about a subject that I believe is often overlooked and misunderstood and that is the subject of healthy boundaries; more precisely I’d like to focus on Christian boundaries. ┬áMany Christians today seem to be struggling greatly in their relationships with other people and I believe […]


For All Time and Eternity

There is one phrase from the Latter Day Saints that I have kept with me all these years since I was Mormon. Even though this phrase and the manner in which the LDS use it are theologically troubling, I do like the sentiment. When the LDS get married it is a very big deal. This […]

Singles Awareness

February 14 is the feast of Saint Valentine. Not much is really known about this guy, but he somehow managed to get on the bad side of one Claudius II, Emperor of Rome, who had him beheaded around the year 270. Our own popular conception of Valentine’s Day probably has its roots in one particular […]