I Was Hungry – My Conversion Story

One warm summer’s day about fifteen years ago I was sitting at my friend Elizabeth’s kitchen table when I saw a small statue on a whatnot in the corner. I inquired as to who the statue portrayed and Elizabeth replied matter-of-factly, “Oh, that’s St. Joseph. We put him out because of the construction men working […]


An American Catholic’s Idolatry

My dear brother or sister-in-christ, I ask you first to pray for me. Please read my words with love and grace, for I am an imperfect sinner. Could you count the number of times a Protestant brother or sister-in-christ has called you an idol worshiper, or a follower not of Christ, but of “traditions of […]


Apologetics Corner – Sola Scriptura

How many times have I sat down with my Protestant friends or family members to discuss Catholic doctrine and been waved off with the same brusque question: “But where is that in the Bible?” I can’t begin to count. The idea that a doctrine or belief has to be described in the Bible is so […]


Articulating the Atonement

Lately I’ve been looking into different views of the Atonement as they relate to Protestant-Catholic soteriological dialogue. What is fundamental in the different views of salvation, forgiveness and grace between Catholics and Protestants often comes down to theories on what Christ’s death accomplished, as well as how and why it did so. I want to […]

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