Abhishek talking to God

It is more important to BE LOVED, than to GIVE LOVE

Shocking isn’t it? But it’s true. Upon listening to Catholic radio on my drive in to work in the morning (which I suggest everyone do, whether through a local station or streaming on an app, as it is so much better than local news and radio), I heard a conversation that focused on addiction. A […]


I know you try to hear God, but are you listening?

I have come to a stark realization in my prayer life. I don’t listen enough. I was thinking about how most people will say that you need to talk to God more, and what they mean is prayer. But what is talking? Do they mean to only talk at God, or do they mean you should […]


Don’t Forget to Share the Joys Too

We are all so quick to ask for prayers when we are in need, but we often forget to share the joys when things turn around. I have noticed that many times when a loved on is ill, there is financial strain, or an accident, we are all quickly inclined to enlist our loved ones, […]

Become Like Little Children

“All you can do now is pray.” It’s a common sentiment in the face of seemingly hopeless circumstances, in which we have no control, where we’ve done all we can, and there’s nothing left but to wait. It’s always with the best of intentions that someone insists, “All you can do now is pray,” yet, […]

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Mary of Bethany’s Genius

The Papist has abounded lately in articles about the beauty of “useless” things and the importance of leisure.  These are great and timely topics, and I’d be remiss not to put in my own two cents. When I open my Bible in search of fodder for meditation I am often drawn to the episodes involving that […]