The Pornification of Our Culture

This is something that has been on my mind for years. It wasn’t until recently that more solid information came my way that I decided I needed to put this down into words. The way in which our culture is on a downward spiral into destruction needs to be addressed. Looking at this massive and […]

Abhishek talking to God

It is more important to BE LOVED, than to GIVE LOVE

Shocking isn’t it? But it’s true. Upon listening to Catholic radio on my drive in to work in the morning (which I suggest everyone do, whether through a local station or streaming on an app, as it is so much better than local news and radio), I heard a conversation that focused on addiction. A […]


What if There is No God?

Occasionally I’ll wake up in the morning thinking, “I’m not sure if I believe any of this! What if Christianity has it wrong?  What if Jesus was just a regular man?  What if the Bible is just a book of stories?  What if my prayers are nothing more than me talking to myself?”  Everyone has […]

Broken Chains

On Pornography: God’s Mercy Endures Forever

[Editor’s note:  The author of this post may be contacted at] Sexual sin hurts. In the act, it doesn’t seem like it will leave deep scars. It does. I got addicted to pornography. I never envisioned that would happen to me. I thought that happened to creepy old men and immature boys. I don’t […]

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