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Pope Francis the Maverick Pope?

I was driving to work the other day and I was listening to NPR. I heard a story that caught my attention from the very first moment. The reporter said, “Pope Francis has been in office for just over two months and has been making headlines for many remarks that emphasize inclusiveness, contrasting sharply with […]


Habemus Papam: Francis

Where were you? Different ones of us may remember where we were when we found out the name of the man who is our new pope: Francis, formerly Jorge Bergoglio. “Answer already!” was what I heard when I answered my cell phone. A friend and I were in the middle of lunch and planning to […]


Top Five Coolest Popes of All Time

Pope Benedict XVI was the 265th pope. I try to imagine all of them in the same room; I’m not really sure what would happen, but I’m pretty sure that something would explode. Of the 265, we’ve had some great (and perhaps some not so great) men leading the Church. It is certainly hard to decide which […]


Conclave: A Time of Change?

While I am saddened by the sudden announcement of our shepherd Pope Benedict XVI resigning from the Chair of Peter, there is a part of me that teems with excitement and anticipation. There has always been and always will be something that utterly fascinates me about conclave. This special election will only happen a few […]

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