Pope Francis

Pope Francis waves as he leaves at the end of his Wednesday general audience at St Peter's Square at the Vatican

Pope Francis: The Pope from the End of the Earth (Book Review)

As our beloved new Pope was traveling to Brazil for World Youth Day, I thought it would be fitting to learn more about the man whose simple demeanor and actions have so quickly captured the hearts of both Catholics and non-Catholics alike. Our good friends over at Saint Benedict Press were kind enough to supply […]


Screaming Swimmer, Stairs, and Lumen Fidei

I AM NOT COMING OFF OF THESE STAIRS! YOU CAN’T MAKE ME! I was teaching a swimming lesson to a three-year-old named Zoe. During the first lesson, she was a little hesitant about being in the water, but was happy and smiling. I had her dunk her head under the surface of the water during […]


You’re a Wimp!

You’re a wimp. Yeah, I’m talking to you—sitting there reading this article. But I’m not only talking about you. I’m also talking about your friends and family. Yeah, they’re all wimps too. Most of all, however, I’m talking about myself. I am a wimp. So often I tell myself that I’m going to stand up […]

Pope Francis - Vimeo

The Pope Francis “Manifesto”

Pope Francis gave a flippin’ sweet Q&A session for Pentecost this year, which blogger Rocco Palmo called “A Manifesto to the Church” and “in essence…his first encyclical.” I hope you will watch the whole thing, but here’s the basic rundown, paraphrased from my notes. He gets more and more fired up as he goes along! […]

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