Pope Benedict


Two Popes, One Message

I want to begin this post by stating that I love Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI. Not that I don’t love other Popes—In fact, I love every Pope—but there is something about Benedict that draws me towards him even more than Pope John Paul II or Pope Francis. I find it, therefore, extremely irritating that the […]


Screaming Swimmer, Stairs, and Lumen Fidei

I AM NOT COMING OFF OF THESE STAIRS! YOU CAN’T MAKE ME! I was teaching a swimming lesson to a three-year-old named Zoe. During the first lesson, she was a little hesitant about being in the water, but was happy and smiling. I had her dunk her head under the surface of the water during […]

pope change

Pope Francis the Maverick Pope?

I was driving to work the other day and I was listening to NPR. I heard a story that caught my attention from the very first moment. The reporter said, “Pope Francis has been in office for just over two months and has been making headlines for many remarks that emphasize inclusiveness, contrasting sharply with […]


St. Joseph

This week we celebrate the feast of St. Joseph the Worker, the second feast for St. Joseph this year. Multiple feasts indicate that St. Joseph must be an important figure for the Church. But why? Why do we study the saints? First and foremost because they point to Jesus Christ and reveal to us a […]

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