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The Love in (Vance) Joy

Vance Joy, a talented musician who’s been growing in popularity since his 2014 hit, Riptide, is no contemporary Christian artist, but that doesn’t mean he can’t come up with one of the best songs about self-sacrificial love that I’ve heard so far in my life. In fact, it sweetens the whole deal that this was likely […]


Evangelizing in the PostModern World

In today’s postmodern world it is a common cultural assumption that we all live by our own “truth,” worldview, or ethical principles.  They are merely subjectively chosen without regard to any real traction in the extra-mental world around us.  They give our lives meaning because we choose them as one choses a favorite ice cream […]


What’s the Point?

I have seen many people debate over the years about the type of music that is performed in a Mass. While I have often toted the line that I can appreciate the variance of musical types from parish to parish, a sort of 31 flavors of ice cream for the church yet still all ice […]

I mean, just look at him!

Star Wars Vocation: Did the Jedi Lead Me to Seminary?

Did watching Star Wars as a kid make me want to become a priest?  Yes it did, at least indirectly. Of course, watching Star Wars made me want to try lots of things.  For example, I once attempted to “use the Force” to telekinetically lift an object in the back yard – just to be […]


The Gospel According to Spider-Man

Okay y’all: Spider-Man is my favorite super hero. He has terrible luck, his powers seem to get him into more trouble than they get him out of, he’s a big nerd, and he rather seldom “gets the girl.” In spite of all this, he chooses to get up every day and try to save the […]