Tips for spiritual struggles

Amidst all the hustle and bustle of gifts and gatherings during this final week of Advent and leading up to the Christmas season, I thought I’d write for those who may feel less joyous. Whether you are feeling lonely or will be alone for Christmas or the new year, I pray this post brings you […]


Jesus, the model parent

There are so many ways in which I wish I could be more Christ-like. Of course, we all strive for these qualities, as we should, but it never ceases to amaze me how many new and different ways Christ shows me the ways to be better than I am. I realized another facet recently. Patience. […]

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Trust in the Lord

I’m the kind of person that wants to have all the answers, before I even know the question. I have to prepare myself and think things through, which is why in school I hardly ever raise my hand, because I have to make sure that I know the answer. Last night in prayer, as I […]


The Church and Science Today

If you read my initial post for The Papist, you would know that my path to Catholicism actually has Dan Brown to thank (in part). It was his book The Da Vinci Code that led me into investigating the Church. Well, I still have a love for Brown’s writings (although at times his facts may be more […]

worth your tears

Worth the Tears

I once heard a saying and it went like this: “No man is worth your tears and the one who is will never make you cry.”  That saying sounds nice and wonderful but it is simply not true. At all. Unless you are talking about Jesus (and I contend that He makes me cry, though for totally […]

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