new evangelization


Evangelizing in the PostModern World

In today’s postmodern world it is a common cultural assumption that we all live by our own “truth,” worldview, or ethical principles. ¬†They are merely subjectively chosen without regard to any real traction in the extra-mental world around us. ¬†They give our lives meaning because we choose them as one choses a favorite ice cream […]


Interview With Michael Stark: Truth & Life Bible

Last week, I had the privilege of interviewing Michael Stark, the Executive Producer of The Truth and Life Audio Bible and App. The audio bible is a dramatized reading, complete with original soundtrack and sound effects of the Catholic Edition of the NRSV Bible. It is brought to life by critically acclaimed hollywood actors like […]


What Pope Benedict XVI Teaches us about the New Evangelization

As Pope Benedict officially lays down the Office of Peter according to the stated requirements of canon law, many of us have experienced a great sorrow. Not the sorrow or despair of God abandoning His Church or of failed leadership, but the deep sorrow of the loss of a faithful servant of God who so […]