‘Til Kingdom Come (Music Review)

   We have all known the words since childhood: “Thy Kingdom come. Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” This prayer is perfection itself. And not only because it came from Jesus’ tender heart, but because it encircles all of our desires, fears, and pleas in mere words. We call God “Our Father” and […]


Music Review: “Ready, Set, Become…” (Kevin Heider)

This song is awesome. Kevin Heider is a talented musician and a personal friend with a few albums out and a 22-track kickstarter this week to boot. The song embedded above is one of my favorites of all time and it is the title track of Kevin’s latest EP, Ready, Set, Become, which you can buy or […]


Sorrowful Songs and the Mysteries of God

**Editor’s Note: A special post to celebrate the Memorial of Our Lady of Sorrows on Saturday. I have not written about music before because I have always felt intimidated by the task. Music, unlike all the other arts, seems to have an almost intangible quality to it. It is, without a doubt, the most spiritual […]


Glory Conference 2012

I recently attended a four-day conference for Catholic college students called Glory Conference,  and the experience was, dare I say it, glorious. The conference was held with the goal of “uniting a generation to be fully alive,” which is quite a worthwhile goal, especially in light of St. Irenaeus’s assertion that “The glory of God is […]


Sounding Off on Easter

While Easter Sunday has already passed, we are well into what we call the Octave of Easter, an eight day period that takes us to the Second Sunday of Easter (which is also dubbed Divine Mercy Sunday). Now, as an avid pianist and music lover, my ears always pipe up if I hear somebody around […]

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