Abhishek talking to God

It is more important to BE LOVED, than to GIVE LOVE

Shocking isn’t it? But it’s true. Upon listening to Catholic radio on my drive in to work in the morning (which I suggest everyone do, whether through a local station or streaming on an app, as it is so much better than local news and radio), I heard a conversation that focused on addiction. A […]


The Price of a Sandwich: It is Better to Give AND to Receive

Yesterday, I had a chance to visit my old stomping grounds – Vanderbilt University.  Nashville is one the way from my house to seminary, so when I’m driving alone I tend to drop in and see how the old University Catholic crowd is doing.  Nobody seemed to be around, I decided to give myself a […]


Can what I buy hurt me spiritually?

When thinking about how we spend our money, most decisions are easy. We all have bills to pay and simple needed things. We buy food, gas for our cars, clothes and other essentials. But when we find ourselves in an area of comfort and have extra, what do we spend our money on? Or when […]

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