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Trust in the Lord

I’m the kind of person that wants to have all the answers, before I even know the question. I have to prepare myself and think things through, which is why in school I hardly ever raise my hand, because I have to make sure that I know the answer. Last night in prayer, as I […]

love and hate

Why Shouldn’t Catholics Read 50 Shades of Grey?

Fifty Shades of Grey. For some readers, the words are gag-inducing. For others, eyeroll-inducing. It was the novel that “made adults like reading again” according to more than one excited book reviewer. Whatever you think of it, it’s a major cultural milestone for sexuality’s complete saturation of everyday life. E.L. James’ smash hit novel, now major […]


“I’m Spiritual, but not Religious”

This phrase is more and more popular these days. But what exactly does it mean? What are you implying when you say this? I was at a breakfast the other morning with a mix of younger and older religiously minded folks and this came up. When someone is asked if they are religious or what […]


The one who cares more always loses (and why that’s okay)

A while back I remember reading an article about modern relationships and the author made a bold claim: “The one who cares less in a relationship always wins.” I don’t remember much of the article, but that sentence has haunted me ever since reading it. The article went on to talk about how relationships are often […]