The Importance of Theology and Philosophy in the University

The University of Notre Dame is no stranger to controversy, and it is once again making a few headlines due to its decennial core curriculum review process, which began recently. While no concrete recommendations or proposals have yet been made, one change clearly being considered is a reduction of the theology and philosophy requirements in […]


Detectives and the Sacraments

It might seem strange that I would refer to detective stories as art, and especially as Catholic art. In the first place, detective stories are rarely considered good literature, even when some stories are really good. Secondly, stories about crime fighting detectives are not commonly associated with Catholicism. Literary detectives are supposed to be, at […]


The Poetry of the Body

One of my goals with these posts about Catholic art is to show the profound relationship between beauty and the truths of the Catholic faith. Wonderful works of art have been inspired by our beliefs. However, it is not only artists who are inspired by the theologians, but sometimes, the theologians are inspired by the […]