Do Not Fear The Night

Humanity lives engaged in a never-ending quest for something that isn’t quite known or understood but, nevertheless, searched for relentlessly. Day after day and night after night we self-made ‘conquerors’ of creation strive to conquer something that we can’t truly pinpoint or name. Yet we all know, deep in our hearts, what we are so […]

Star over Bethlehem

The Light of the World

Sometimes it seems like we are standing alone in a pitch black alley with no idea how to find our way to safety, comfort, or at least a place with enough light that we can see. Strained relationships, pain, isolation, and seemingly unforgivable mistakes can leave us feeling as if we could never find such […]

Poem: “A hand gently presses”

A hand gently presses On a brilliant ball of light Inside, is a butterfly It flutters eagerly in a moment of ecstasy Its wings sparkle and glow Within the light is love Stunning, beautiful Powerful, incredible What else can express that moment when A soul meets its creator Tags » beauty, CathLIT, creation, Creator, light, […]