Rights and Consequence

We are in the middle of 40 Days for Life and the issue of abortion is in the news everywhere you look. I have seen this debate in both religious and secular media and I have been proud at times and disgusted at others. After listening to a debate on public radio, one speaker’s former […]


Smile! Life is Beautiful!

Joy is a net of love by which we catch souls. – Mother Theresa. Often (as I am sure has happened to all of us) people ask me why I look so happy. The answer, this one time, was simple: I had just stepped out of confession and was practically beaming at the thought of […]


Life Is Precious

This post will be off the cuff because I would like it to be from the heart. Yesterday I was attending a lunch at the university where I work with some religious leaders of the campus. As we were waiting for some of the last folks to arrive, we saw a woman fall at the […]


God is Not a Fireworks Show

Someone’s head is blocking my view of Jesus and it’s an annoying beginning to adoration. If I had known that Jesus was going to make an appearance so early on in the retreat, I would have made sure I was in the front row to minimize distractions. Unfortunately, because Daddy was hidden behind a couple […]


She Doesn’t Know His Plan, But She’ll Trust in Him

Natalie fell in love with a lot of people at Ave Maria University last fall semester, and that was perfectly fine with her. Each friend that Natalie made her first semester at Ave Maria presented an opportunity to fall in love with the presence of Christ within him or her. Seeing Christ in someone is […]

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