Eavesdropping at the Cafe & the Year of Faith

True story. As I was working away at a coffee shop this week, I could not help but overhear a nearby conversation. I promise, I don’t make a habit of eavesdropping, but it’s hard to block out a loud conversation when you hear passionate phrases such as: “If the HHS mandate is only affecting Catholics, […]


What Are People For?: Les Miserables Musings

Last Sunday when viewing Thomas Hooper’s recent film Les Miserables, I was struck by its rich meditation on the human person. At first I assumed the French Victor Hugo must have been a practicing Catholic, though after a bit of research it seems like the Catholic influence came from his wife and her family. Hugo’s own […]


Time Is Precious

If the Newtown shooting has taught the world anything, it is that time is precious. You never know when the person you love might not be there. This has taught me numerous things that I hope to live out. I try to tell those I love that I love them more often. I try to […]


Keeping the Small Commitments

I was supposed to be done with this blog post five days ago. I was going to work on my math homework but wasted time on the Internet instead. I wanted to pray the rosary in honor of Our Lady of Guadalupe on December 13th but waited too long and fell asleep. Unlike what I […]


Apocalypse How?

With the end of the Mayan calendar fast approaching it would seem we all have just a few weeks left before the end is upon us. With growing turmoil in the Middle East and Africa, instability in Europe, an economy teetering on a razor’s edge, and the demise of the Twinkie, it seems like more […]