Fat Tuesday and Lent

When we hear the term “Fat Tuesday,” an occasion more commonly known by the French name “Mardi Gras,” we often think of scenes of debauchery, gluttony, and sinful partying. But this image is more of a current rendition of this traditionally spiritually fueled day. While today there is more emphasis on beads, alcohol, and parties, […]


The ‘Good’ in Good Friday

Every year during Holy Week, I find myself being asked the same question time and time again: What is it that is just so good about Good Friday? Jesus died. Great. That was two thousand years ago. Now He’s risen. Can’t we just focus on that part? Why must we dwell on the negative? Just […]

road rage

Road Rage Anyone?

How do you deal with traffic? Well, for me I was taught how to drive by a New York driver and a New Jersey driver. Not exactly the shining examples of calm defensive driving. Nevertheless, I was taught how to drive well. But, when traffic begins to form and drivers start making erratic moves to […]

Snooze button

Wake Up!

We are now in the last week of Lent and I could almost promise you that Ash Wednesday was…today. It goes so fast and as I reflect on what I’ve given up I decided to share a bit about my Lenten journey (so far). I gave up my snooze button. Before Lent I had gotten […]


Love or Security?

It is a fair question and one I’ve been pondering for days now: Love or security? Sometimes it isn’t a choice; sometimes we get both love and security, but sometimes we don’t. This decision takes many different forms and affects all that we do, in friendships, in relationships, and in faith. In Friendships It is […]