Cardinal Ravasi

Acedia: A Spiritual Malaise

Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi, the President of the Pontifical Institute for Culture, is one of the Church’s most erudite evangelists.  His many books, lectures and television appearances on the topics of faith and culture, delivered with a gentle ingratiating manner, have made him Italy’s equivalent to Archbishop Fulton Sheen.  In a lecture he gave a few years ago […]


The Loss of Leisure

I was forced to get summer jobs in high school, because my father didn’t want me to become a “lady of leisure.” My family places great emphasis on hard work, self-discipline and maintaining a competitive lifestyle –with the frequent “Your Opa immigrated here from Germany, worked night shifts at a steel factory, and supported his […]


The Rosary: From “Catholic Guilt” to Zeal

I keep my favorite Rosary in my purse.  It serves as a constant reminder for prayer every time I slip my hand in to get something.  It seems to whisper, Catherine, you really should pray the Rosary right now. It’s been awhile. There’s that “Catholic guilt” I’ve come to know and love. I’ve known how […]