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Taking the Temperature on Japan’s Celibacy Syndrome

Our culture is no longer shocked by pornographic images and even encourages young adults to be wildly promiscuous. So imagine my bewilderment when I read the recent headline,  “Why Have Young People In Japan Stopped Having Sex?” If you’re having trouble imagining, I’ll just tell you- I was thunderstruck. Before reading the article, my brain […]


Totus Tuus: Four Missionaries, 500 Kids, One Great Summer

Author’s note:  This article was originally published on July 19th, in the One Voice (a Catholic newspaper published by the Diocese of Birmingham in Alabama). Leaning forward, I address the attentive crowd of grade-school children seated on the floor around me.  I ask them, “Who are we going to see at Mass today?”  A second-grader […]

sacred heart

The Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Deus caritas est, and His love, as it is true, is eternal and faithful and full. Out of love Jesus saves us by His life, death, and resurrection. The suffering servant gives His life for us. Indeed, He pours out His life physically for us and in this pouring out He shows us love in […]


Top Five Coolest Popes of All Time

Pope Benedict XVI was the 265th pope. I try to imagine all of them in the same room; I’m not really sure what would happen, but I’m pretty sure that something would explode. Of the 265, we’ve had some great (and perhaps some not so great) men leading the Church. It is certainly hard to decide which […]

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