Why Does God Allow Suffering?

The season of Lent is here! Lent is by far my favorite part of the year, and that is because we are reminded of Jesus’ suffering, death, and resurrection.  We know that through His suffering and death the prophecies are fulfilled, we are forgiven our sins, and we are granted eternal life.  But why do innocent people […]


On Opposite Sides Of The Fence: My Neighbor Job

Hi ho there, neighbor! Only 90s kids, or perhaps just those who are fans of 90s family sitcoms in general, will recall the kindly, comedic, and often times philosophical next door neighbor known only as “Wilson” in the hit television show “Home Improvement”. Separated by a tall privacy fence, Wilson and Tim “The Tool Man” […]

When Bad Things Happen

We all struggle at some time in our lives with the age-old problem of “Why does God let bad things happen to good people?” Rabbi Kushner’s book on the subject really messed me up during my twenties and for a long time it shut down my ability to pray to God. Had only someone pointed […]