The Pornification of Our Culture

This is something that has been on my mind for years. It wasn’t until recently that more solid information came my way that I decided I needed to put this down into words. The way in which our culture is on a downward spiral into destruction needs to be addressed. Looking at this massive and […]

Pope Francis - Vimeo

The Pope Francis “Manifesto”

Pope Francis gave a flippin’ sweet Q&A session for Pentecost this year, which blogger Rocco Palmo called “A Manifesto to the Church” and “in essence…his first encyclical.” I hope you will watch the whole thing, but here’s the basic rundown, paraphrased from my notes. He gets more and more fired up as he goes along! […]

Into the Desert

It’s that feeling of not being good enough, not fitting in, or just growing tired and bored of the same routine day after day. “I’m going to see the same people in the same classes, and I’m going to find the same assignments awaiting me when I come home at night,” we often think to […]