Star over Bethlehem

The Light of the World

Sometimes it seems like we are standing alone in a pitch black alley with no idea how to find our way to safety, comfort, or at least a place with enough light that we can see. Strained relationships, pain, isolation, and seemingly unforgivable mistakes can leave us feeling as if we could never find such […]


The Waiting Place

Advent is a time for waiting. However, as humans, we are not very good at waiting. We want everything done right here, right now, in our time, in our way. We want instant gratification and we have a hard time understanding that seeing God’s plan unfold involves patience. We think that waiting is annoying or […]


Thank God Life Isn’t Fair

“You told me, Father, that after my past life it is still possible to become another Saint Augustine. I don’t doubt it, and today more than yesterday I want to try to prove it.” -St. Josemaría Escrivá, The Furrow #838 Forgiveness. What a great gift from our Father, bought for us at a great price […]


Experiencing Tragedy

As we woke up on Friday, July 20th and turned on our televisions or radios, we listened with shock and horror as we heard about the shooting in Aurora, Colorado. As the day went on, we pieced together all of the details possible, one question haunting us: why? Why did this happen? How could it […]


The Unending Hope

Lately, for a myriad of reasons, my opinions about love and hope have been challenged and put to the test. It is a test I pray that I’m passing (I never was a failure in school…). There are many questions that I keep coming back to, and chief among them sounds something like this: What […]

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