A prayer For Perfect Trust

If you are on the East coast, I’m certain you are experiencing the lovely warm unseasonably temps of November. Typically at this time of year we would be either contending with snow, rain or colder temperatures. However, this year God has been quite kind to us with a few days of 70 degree weather. While […]


Why Are We Always Looking Up?

I realized a while ago that we all suffer from the same condition. No matter what station we are in life, no matter the socioeconomic status, no matter the (fill in descriptor here), we all are constantly looking up, when we should be looking around and especially down. What I mean by this is that […]

Give thanks to the Lord

Thanks Be to God

When I was at Mass on my birthday last year, before the lector began reading the first reading, Father got up and said, “I just want to warn you, this is not an easy reading. God is angry in this reading and you will see His anger toward His people. Don’t say I didn’t warn […]