God’s will

Correct approach to divinization

How Will I Know?

Sorry to disappoint some people, but this won’t be Whitney Houston’s lyrics to that song. How many times have you gone through life and asked yourself, “What does God have in store for me? What could He possibly have planned for my life?” It seems that almost everyone asks themselves those kinds of questions every […]


God’s Will Be Done

I’ve been thinking a bit lately about the idea that when hard things come our way, we need to relinquish our stubbornness and attempts to control the situation, and leave it up to God. While I believe for the most part that this is completely true, (God always knows better than we do and He […]

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God’s Plan for You Is Not A Mystery

If only the Holy Spirit could take over my body and type a really thoughtful and helpful blog post. I know He would do a much better job than I ever would. For two weeks I tried to think how I could honor God and help others through words. Lo and behold, I came up […]