God as Father


Apologetics Corner – Call No Man ‘Father’

One day in fifth grade I happily told my father about a school project on which my friends and I were working. It was an oral report about the Founding Fathers, and we felt lucky to have an actual British boy in our group to play King George III (you know, for authenticity). By telling […]


Busy? Be Still…

As I write this article I’m on a plane headed for the Jersey Shore. I’m 30,000 feet above sea level, soon hoping to be swimming in the sea. But as I cruise at 450 miles an hour toward the shore I’ve been thinking…where has my summer gone? In April, I made a resolution, I’m going […]


The Majesty of God

In this fast paced world of buying and selling, making money while fighting for more time, and working and serving, we can make ourselves the center of our own universe. At times we forget about God and all that He has given us. We go about our existence and focus only on our little short […]