Praying as a Family

One thing I’ve really enjoyed about my first semester as a Theology student – less than four years, God willing, from ordination as a priest – has been a series of “formation conferences” or lectures by seminary priest faculty on topics pertaining directly to diocesan priesthood.  Recently, when discussing marriage prep, a priest told us […]


For All Time and Eternity

There is one phrase from the Latter Day Saints that I have kept with me all these years since I was Mormon. Even though this phrase and the manner in which the LDS use it are theologically troubling, I do like the sentiment. When the LDS get married it is a very big deal. This […]


Learning to Love Through Family

Family: the most annoying blessing one can have. That’s my definition, at least. My family is a blessing because through them I am constantly challenged to be the person I am meant to be. It’s also precisely because they challenge me that they are annoying. Allow me to clarify before you think I don’t like […]


The Devil Made Me Do It

Does it ever feel as though the more you try to do better and live by God’s word, the hard the Devil tries to pull you back down? I thought about it for awhile and realized that the mantra, “The holier you get, the hard the Devil would try to pull you back down,” makes […]