Exorcisms: What Every Catholic Should Know

If real life were anything like the movies, we’d all be used to seeing Catholic priests visiting the local haunted houses near us, at the stroke of midnight, in the midst of a raging thunderstorm to perform secret exorcisms.  The reality of the Catholic exorcist is not quite like the Hollywood portrayal, although surprisingly there […]

Children pray for the victims of the Paris attacks in front of the French embassy in Prague

Let Not Your Hearts Be Troubled

November 13th was a great day for me. I went to a charity auction for my parish, met with old friends, made some new ones, ate, dance, sang, and was merry. Unfortunately at the same time it was one of the most terrible days for many other people around the world. It is hard to […]


Can what I buy hurt me spiritually?

When thinking about how we spend our money, most decisions are easy. We all have bills to pay and simple needed things. We buy food, gas for our cars, clothes and other essentials. But when we find ourselves in an area of comfort and have extra, what do we spend our money on? Or when […]

I mean, just look at him!

Star Wars Vocation: Did the Jedi Lead Me to Seminary?

Did watching Star Wars as a kid make me want to become a priest?  Yes it did, at least indirectly. Of course, watching Star Wars made me want to try lots of things.  For example, I once attempted to “use the Force” to telekinetically lift an object in the back yard – just to be […]


The Problem of Evil

“The Problem of Evil” refers to the following: Why would an all-knowing, all-powerful, and all-good God permit evil to exist? Why does He allow us to suffer? Mankind has asked this question for thousands of years, seemingly unsatisfied with any possible answer. Fortunately for us, the Church provides some insight into the problem of evil. […]

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