On Opposite Sides Of The Fence: My Neighbor Job

Hi ho there, neighbor! Only 90s kids, or perhaps just those who are fans of 90s family sitcoms in general, will recall the kindly, comedic, and often times philosophical next door neighbor known only as “Wilson” in the hit television show “Home Improvement”. Separated by a tall privacy fence, Wilson and Tim “The Tool Man” […]


Be the Sign

God is not limited by time, space, or any tangible constraints, right? Yet, God loves matter, tangible things—His creations. Why wouldn’t He? From the ever-expanding edge of the universe down to the itty-bitty quarks that make up everything from ice cream to elephants, God saw that it was good (Genesis 1:31). God uses His creations to display His […]


Interview with Brian and Courtney Kissinger (LifeTeen bloggers)

I turned twenty this year, but as a former teen, I can tell you that LifeTeen.com is responsible for a good amount of my formation as a young Catholic woman. LifeTeen, a Catholic organization for teens, puts on camps, conferences, retreats, and missions all the time, and its website might seem to be “just a resource” […]


Evangelizing in the PostModern World

In today’s postmodern world it is a common cultural assumption that we all live by our own “truth,” worldview, or ethical principles.  They are merely subjectively chosen without regard to any real traction in the extra-mental world around us.  They give our lives meaning because we choose them as one choses a favorite ice cream […]


Small Evangelizism with Great Love

I have been immeasurably blessed at the University of South Carolina to have found a family in the Newman Club at St. Thomas More. These people support me, challenge me, celebrate with me, cry with me, and run towards God with me. I love them all. In the chapel, I can feel Jesus. Tiny as […]