I Was Hungry – My Conversion Story, Part II

Last month I recounted my unlikely conversion to Catholicism from evangelicalism after a spiritual tailspin during college. For brevity’s sake I didn’t describe the period of time between my first visit to the Catholic Campus Ministry and my confirmation nearly a year later, but now I’d like to share with my readers the doctrines and […]


I Was Hungry – My Conversion Story

One warm summer’s day about fifteen years ago I was sitting at my friend Elizabeth’s kitchen table when I saw a small statue on a whatnot in the corner. I inquired as to who the statue portrayed and Elizabeth replied matter-of-factly, “Oh, that’s St. Joseph. We put him out because of the construction men working […]


Does Veggie Tales get it wrong?

Hang on, don’t throw those tomatoes yet!  I like to waltz with potatoes (“up and down the produce aisle…”) as much as the next man.  I think from what I’ve seen that Veggie Tales is one of the most wholesome TV programs out there for young children. That’s why I was so intrigued to stumble upon […]