Theologians at Dinner

St. Thomas is best read with a glass of wine. Not only because theology is always best with wine, but since his writings are impressively dry, like hard bread, it is best to “use a little wine for thy stomach’s sake.” Antonymously, St. Augustine’s works are already inebriating, and so enjoyably so that perhaps one […]

United to Loved Ones In the Eucharist

The summer before my 20th birthday I watched as my grandmother passed away. She and my grandfather lived in the back of our home and that summer, Mom asked if I would refrain from attending summer camp and instead came home and work as my grandmother’s nurse. I wasn’t the only person taking care of […]

Whatsoever You Do, You Do Unto Me

I tenderly reached for the box inside the refrigerator and, ever so delicately, placed it on the counter. The youth minister was out of town that Sunday and it was my job to help set up for the LifeTeen Mass. I looked at my phone to check the list she had texted me. “Remember to […]

This Our Cup

A week ago I had a dream.  In this dream I was drinking a clear, bitter liquid from a silver chalice.  I took two sips, and as I was drinking, I said, “Jesus, help me to drink the cup of humility.”  That was the end of the dream.  After I woke up, I thought, Wow, […]

Our Gift and Greatest Treasure

It was Monday night and I decided go to a Smoker’s Anonymous meeting. The only meeting was across town and I was tired. Oddly, it was at a Protestant church. When I got there, I couldn’t find the meeting; it had been cancelled. I decided since I was near a church, I’d go in and […]

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