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Ricki Lake to produce Documentary exposing the Dangers of Contraception

One of my favorite quotes from the Greek philosopher Aristotle goes something like this.  We seek to know not what men have said but what is true, what really is.  In other words, his goal as a seeker of wisdom was to uncover the truth of reality, the state of affairs as they are, the […]


Does Veggie Tales get it wrong?

Hang on, don’t throw those tomatoes yet!  I like to waltz with potatoes (“up and down the produce aisle…”) as much as the next man.  I think from what I’ve seen that Veggie Tales is one of the most wholesome TV programs out there for young children. That’s why I was so intrigued to stumble upon […]


Love: The Best Thing We Do

In late March, one of my favorite TV shows, “How I Met Your Mother”, wrapped up it’s 9 year run on CBS. The series finale, like most things of this world, came to an end, albeit with much fanfare and debate by it’s devoted fan base about how Ted Mosby finally met his true love […]


Interview With Michael Stark: Truth & Life Bible

Last week, I had the privilege of interviewing Michael Stark, the Executive Producer of The Truth and Life Audio Bible and App. The audio bible is a dramatized reading, complete with original soundtrack and sound effects of the Catholic Edition of the NRSV Bible. It is brought to life by critically acclaimed hollywood actors like […]